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Date / Kuupäev
26.09.2018 - 19.12.2018 17:00 - 18:30

Location / Toimumise koht
Opus Lingua klassiruum

These mini-group, customized programs are designed for people who need specific Russian skills for business, but who have limited time to study. Participants can return to their jobs quickly after having mastered the necessary Russian skills. Programs can be designed to address the Russian needs in particular fields.

  • For employees who wish to study professional Russian in order to do better at the job market;
  • for job-seekers who wish to learn professional Russian to find jobs and to be competitive and innovative in the job market;
  • for international students to find jobs in their study fields;
  • for immigrants;
  • accompanying spouses;
  • au pairs.

What is Russian for Professionals?

The benefits of the Russian for Professionals Program include:

  • Individualized attention from a team of Opus Lingua most experienced instructors
  • A program designed for particular personal and professional needs
  • Personal attention that helps students to learn professional Russian quickly and well.
  • Here you will find the curriculum: https://www.opuslingua.eu/erialase-vene-keele-oppekava-a2-tase/

When and Where?

Our courses take place at Pühavaimu 6, Tallinn


  • The course lasts for 4 months and consists of 50 academic hours (1 academic hour is 45 minutes).
  • After the course is finished, the student must take a school exam.
  • The price for the course is 1650 eur.
  • The price for study materials 60 eur will be added to the course price.
  • The course starts: 26.09.2018.
  • The curriculum for the course is compiled by the teacher according to the professional needs of the student.

If you want to continue your Russian language training, you must start another Russian course immediately after the completion of the Russian for Professionals lessons. You must complete a test, before you can start additional Russian classes. This way we can ensure that you are placed in the right programme and on the right level.


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