Opus Lingua is a professional translation company with approximately 50 emploees that provide high quality professional translation services to enable you to communicate accurately.

Our experience has helped a diverse range of businesses translate everything from websites and important documentation to software and digital files whatever the language.

We also provide interpreters if spoken language translation is required. Also we have a solution that can fit your brief,  from over the Skype interpreting to face-to-face meetings.

We provide a number of interpreting services including a sign language interpreter, legal interpreting and court interpreting services.

Translation Sectors:

Public Sector Translation Services

Financial Translation Services

High-Tech and Software Translation Services

Legal Translation Services

Oil, Energy and Gas Translation Services

Retail Translation Services

Professional Translation Services

Health and Pharmaceutical Translation Services

Tourism and Leisure Translation Services

If you do have any queries or inquiries any current requirement or any future requirements, you can fill in an enquiry form on our website which is


We will make a price estimate as soon as within an hour!