Managment and teachers

anusuik.vaikeAnu Suik

Chairman of the Board and Managing Director, MA.I have received my MA degree in Educational Sciences at Tallinn University and my MA degree in Theology at the Institute of Theology. I have studied language learning methologies in England at Oxford Lake School and at Bournemouth Richard Language College. I have worked in Kopenhagen at Valby Skole as a teacher of  foreign language and I have studied Finnish language and culture at Vaasa University in Finland.
Kristel Kotta
I received my university degrees in History (BA, 2006) and Culture Theory (MA, 2009) from Tallinn University and Teaching History and Society (MA, 2012) from the University of Tartu. From 2008–2013 I studied as an exchange student at several universities in Finland. In 2016, I graduated basic level distance studies from the University of Jyväskylä in Teaching Finnish Language, as Foreign and Second language.I have worked as a teacher since 2008. For a short period I taught history, society, media and film art, but have been teaching mostly Finnish since 2013 and recently began teaching Estonian in 2016. Before joining Opus Lingua, I taught Estonian to immigrants as voluntary work, and In 2016 I received the Tallinn Young Teacher Award.

IMG_1581Irene Ranneva      

Customer Service Executive of the Marketing Department

Jana KardašJana Kardaš

Estonian Language Teacher/ Curriculum Manager, BA  Jana has a degree from Tallinn University, where her specialization was teaching Estonian language as a foreign language and Estonian culture. She has taught Estonian in many different companies and has had excellent results with students whose goal was to successfully pass the Estonian language exam.

LiinaLiina Kivimäe

Translator, MAI am passionate about learning different languages and getting to know various cultures. My love for foreign languages is expressed in conference interpreting, translating and copy editing. I travel frequently and communicate with people of various nationalities. Since 2008, I have been working at all kinds of conferences, seminars, training courses, meetings, etc. as an interpreter, providing simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpreting.So far, thematic specialisation has mainly focused on education, economy, finance, marketing, culture, law, agriculture, politics, healthcare, the European Union and other international organisations, environment, energy, telecommunications, information technology, third sector, logistics, media, tourism, interpreting at a notary’s office, etc. I prepare thoroughly for each job assignment and each topic is exciting for me in terms of the content and terminology – being an interpreter, one can gain experience in very different walks of life. My working languages are English and Estonian, I work from and into English.

Tiina Pruus

The teacher of Estonian as a foreign language and English, BA I have received my  BA degree at Tartu University. From autumn of 2016 I have been working as a teacher of Estonian as a foreign language and English language.
mariometsheinMario Metshein