We offer a flexible Estonian 0-A2 course with an intensive blended learning approach.   Intensive Estonian Courses are suitable for students who do not have the time to attend traditional classroom lessons.To successfully pass the Intensive Estonian Course, you should spend approximately one hour a day on your online course.

The intensive 0-A2 level course is a combined course which includes online lessons and contact lessons. The course consists of 120 hours of online lessons and 30 academic hours of conversatsion classes. Since the oral and written parts have been proven the most difficult parts of the  A2 level exam, we focus on these parts the most during our contact lessons.

The price for the course is 320 EUR+ 20% VAT (value-added tax)
If you successfully pass the A2 level exam, the full cost of the course, 320 EUR, will be reimbursed by the foundation Innove.
Our next Estonian course starts March 1 th 2016.
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